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These 8 pictures were added in February 2017


Salvia 'Adriana's Jewel'

Salvia 'Amena'

Salvia nemorosa 'Blue Marvel'

Salvia 'Happy Pink'

Salvia 'Heather's Glow'

Salvia 'Oaxacan Dream'

Salvia 'Pink Lips'

Salvia guaranitica 'Black and Bloom'

Scroll down to see some, very rare, Salvias from Mexico

The photographs below were taken in the Jalisco region of Mexico, by Jesus Gonzalez from the University of Guadalajara. Most of these Salvias are very rare, and not in cultivation, therefore I am unable to provide any more information at the moment. There is a photo of Salvia uruapana already in the gallery, but it would appear to be a different species.

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