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Salvia 'Dancing Dolls'
(pale form)

Salvia darcyi 'Large Form'

Salvia darcyi....
flowering stems

Salvia davidsonii

Salvia decumbens

Salvia densiflora

Salvia dentata

Salvia Desley 'Lachlan'

Salvia desoleana

Salvia 'Desperado'

Salvia dichlamys
Perhaps the true species

Salvia dichlamys

Salvia digitaloides

Salvia discolor

Salvia discolor with a hummingbird

Salvia disermas

Salvia disermas 'Pink Form'

Salvia disjuncta

Salvia divinorum

Salvia dolomitica

Salvia dolichantha

Salvia dombeyi

Salvia dorisiana

Salvia dorisiana
in Buenos Aires

Salvia dorrii

Salvia dorrii dark form

Salvia dumetorum

Salvia durifolia

Salvia durifolia
'Blue Form'

Salvia 'Dysons Crimson'

Salvia 'Dysons Joy'